Earl’s TV Debut on Jimmy Fallon

earl fallon 2
This past Friday, eclectic Odd Future rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, finally had his TV debut. Albeit performing solo, Earl did not disappoint, performing one of his more anticipated tracks; The Neptunes produced joint, Burgundy, off of his upcoming debut LP Doris.
The Roots did a good job of backing him on his performance, laying down some smooth instrumentals and even a vocal or two. This track could best be compared to a train. Earl starts of with a small dialogue about people talking crap, and everyone trying to give him unwanted advice. As the beat progresses, he’s whole demeanor just changes and you see this animal inside, unleash. On top of it all, it was live. This performance will definitely leave listeners, old and new alike, yearning for more. Doris is set to come out to August 20, so be sure to pre-order if you
haven’t: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/doris/id669700847

So what were your thoughts on Earl’s TV debut? Are you really excited for Doris? Is Earl’s hairline even eligible to be considered one? Tweet us @VlogGnaw


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