Golf Talk: July 23, 2013


Welcome to Golf Talk: July 23rd Edition, I’m your host, Matty, and on this show we go over the weekly news for Odd Future, let’s start.

To start off, the online OF store has been restocked this week and they also have added new stuff! Check out the new shit on the OF store here.


Additionally, Tyler, the Creator announced that there will be new items at the 410 N Fairfax OF Store in LA this week on his Instagram. From what we can tell from the photos, there will be new Taco socks, new Dolphin socks, new “High” shirts, and some new hats. Find out this Thursday when they start selling them.

If you tuned into Fox on Sunday 9:30 PM EST, you may have seen Tyler’s cameo on Fox’s new television show, Axe Cop, as the third man, third lion, and third cheetah Liborg. While you can’t find the video online yet, keep tuning in as Tyler said he’ll make a few more cameos in the future.

And finally, as a part of the newly re-instated #MikeGMondays, Mike G released a music video for “Lincoln,” a song he did with The Internet and Left Brain on The Internet’s album Purple Naked Ladies. Check out the video above.

That’s all for Golf Talk this week, remember to check out last week’s OddCast and I’ll see you next week, peace.


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