Golf Talk: Weekly News #1

Welcome to the Golf Talk. On this little shindig we’ll be going Odd Future news every week. Let’s begin.

Earl Sweatshirt has finally released his new single off of Doris, “Hive.” Earl’s been performing this song at live shows for a few months now, and this is our first taste of a CDQ of it, with a music video to boot. The song features Casey Veggies and Vince Staples (who pulls in a killer verse) and the video was directed by Hiro Murai, who also directed the video for “Chum.” Fans have been anticipating this single when a few days ago, Earl released the tracklist and album cover to Doris. Also, with the release of Hive, you can pre-order the album now on iTunes, and get “Hive” along with it. Click the picture to do so!


Besides the release date of Doris and the music video for “Hive,” we also saw the come back of #MikeGMondays. The first installment of the new series is a remix of Trinidad Jame$’s “I Need Mo” featuring Mike G and fellow Odd Future member Hodgy Beats. Oh and Taco’s on the intro too. Check out the song below and an interview Mike G did with Noisey.

Additionally, it was announced that Tyler, The Creator will be going on tour with Kid Cudi! Tour dates were announced today for “The Cud Life Tour,” which you can see which one’s Tyler will be at below:

If you want to view the rest of the tour dates, click here:

That’s all for this week, hope you enjoyed it. we’ll have the first podcast up on Thursday, and send us some fanmail why you’re at it at


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